A HEREFORD group set up by builders to offer a comprehensive range of health and safety services to its members has marked its 50th birthday.

H&G Construction Safety Association was formed by a group of forward-thinking builders, including CJ Bayliss, William Powell and C Honey, shortly before the Health and Safety Act became a landmark law in the workplace.

It now serves over 100 member companies with around 4,000 operatives. 


"The last year has seen some changes - two new advisors, a move from our long-term home of Widemarsh Street to the Shell Store and a new website almost on the offing," said Vance Babbage, chairman of H&G Construction Safety Association. 

"There is a lot to be thankful for. For me, it's about being involved with an excellence group of individuals all aiming every day to do their very best for the membership and in a selfless and progressive manner.

"My sincere hope is that having over the baton to Neil Birmingham, my vice-chair, will see this association going forward with a positive and continued belief in its self-worth and confidence to expand."

Hereford Times: Marie-Louise Evans and Nick Jones, of H&G Construction Safety AssociationMarie-Louise Evans and Nick Jones, of H&G Construction Safety Association (Image: Rob Davies)

Senior advisor, Nick Jones added: "Our association, like a well-constructed edifice, has weathered challenges, evolved, and now stands tall on its 50th anniversary. 

"Fifty years - a span of time marked by resilience, progress, and a shared commitment to safety that echoes through the halls of our association. 

"From the early days of CJ Bayliss and William Powell to the modern era led by our current chair, Vance Babbage, our journey has been one of continuous evolution."