A HEREFORDSHIRE town has recently received praise in the national press.

An article published in the Express earlier this month has commended Ross-on-Wye, labelling it as a ‘beautiful little market town that's right on the border of England and Wales.’

The article’s author, Fiona Callingham, admits that it’s not a high-demand location like London or Edinburgh, nor does it have landmarks as iconic as Stonehenge or Hampton Court Palace, but to her, that is not necessarily a negative.


In fact, she says that it is Ross-on-Wye’s nature as a lesser-known location that makes it worth a visit for those who are unfamiliar with the area.

Ms Callingham goes on to compliment the town for its ‘quaint’ atmosphere and natural beauty, deeming it ‘peaceful yet charismatic’.

Whilst nowadays one does not immediately think of Ross-On-Wye when they hear the words ‘tourist hotspot’, the town is widely cited as the ‘birthplace of British tourism’ so it should not come as a surprise that the media is continuing to laud it as a must-see destination.