Nestled in the heart of Herefordshire, within The Wye Valley, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Brockhampton Court stands as a truly unique privately owned care home. Founded thirty years ago by Doctor Christopher Allen, Brockhampton provides exceptional care in incomparable surroundings.

Dr. Allen founded Brockhampton for his own mother: “I was a retired GP and came here because my mother had a stroke, I couldn’t find anywhere for her that didn’t smell so decided to create somewhere myself.” Brockhampton stands apart from the crowd as "one of the few privately owned homes that is still more like a private house or hotel than a care home." This distinctive character is evident not only in its historical architecture but also in its commitment to providing extraordinary services that redefine the standards of senior living.

Hereford Times: Doctor Christopher AllenDoctor Christopher Allen (Image: Brockhampton Court)
Brockhampton boasts a rich history dating back to the mid eighteenth century. The building, primarily constructed in 1893 by one of the wealthiest young women in America, showcases exquisite carvings, tiles by William De Morgan, and stunning Tiffany Glass. However, the uniqueness of Brockhampton Court extends beyond its historical grandeur. Dr. Allen reflects: "It’s a beautiful family home for people to both live, and take a break in." The emphasis on the home-like atmosphere sets Brockhampton Court apart from conventional care facilities.

Surrounded by 10 acres of meticulously landscaped gardens and land, the property exudes a peaceful country ambiance. This expansive setting not only fosters a sense of tranquillity but also encourages residents to maintain their independence while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Despite its imposing appearance, staying at Brockhampton will not break the bank. Dr. Allen tells us: “Lots of people think ‘it looks very big and grand so it must be expensive’, but it’s not, we’re actually cheaper than most of our competitors.”

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The commitment to personalised services and inclusivity is a cornerstone of Brockhampton Court's philosophy. Dr. Allen proudly declares, "We believe in no extras, everything from the telephone to IT to newspapers, everything is included in the price." This all-encompassing approach ensures that residents can enjoy a myriad of services, such as the beautiful in house hair salon, without the worry of heaping additional costs, making Brockhampton Court an exceptional and cost-effective choice.

The variety of activities available at Brockhampton Court reflects a dedication to enhancing the quality of life for residents. Dr. Allen notes: "We spend a lot of time on providing people with experiences, we have visiting singers, group therapy, and a reading club. We also take people out to the pub or garden centre so they can have a break and get away a bit.” These engaging activities contribute to a vibrant community where residents can enjoy a fulfilling and enriching daily life which is furthered by the location of the property. Only seven miles from Hereford, Ledbury and Ross on Wye, you can easily visit different places either in transport arranged by Brockhampton or with your relations.

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The caring ethos extends to the culinary offerings at Brockhampton Court. Residents are treated to a diverse and delightful menu, with the flexibility to enjoy breakfast in bed and savour personalised meals. Dr. Allen shares: "We do lovely food, you can have breakfast in bed every day, we have one man that always has kippers, you can have whatever you like, your newspaper delivered to you, everything. We believe in spoiling people. People think it must be expensive but it’s really not. It’s far cheaper than most other homes.”

The emphasis on the well-being of residents in Brockhampton is propped up by its open-door policy and dedication to supporting various care needs. Dr. Allen affirms: "We have an open-door policy. People are very welcome to wander wherever they like and have visitors day or night. It’s really important to us that our residents keep their independence and remain social." The availability of nursing care, residential care, and dementia care, including end-of-life support, showcases a commitment to catering to diverse needs.

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Brockhampton Court also pioneers a unique approach to independent living with the availability of cottages and flats. "We also have some cottages and flats that people can lease out as halfway to a care home, you can rent or buy them and we can supply  meals if required. It means you can live independently with your cat or dog with as much support as you need."

“We have people who come for end of life, but lots of people come for short stays. Maybe someone just needs a couple of weeks, or ten days because their carers need a break, we love supporting with that.” It’s truly not just people that are welcome at Brockhampton, Dr. Allen highlighted a love for dogs: “we love having dogs visit, they're welcome at any time.”

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The staff, described by Dr. Allen as "the most important part of keeping people happy," are carefully selected based on their kindness and genuine smiles, many of which have been at Brockhampton Court for more than 15 years. With a saying that “nobody works here unless they’re kind and they’re smiling", Brockhampton's dedication to maintaining a positive and compassionate team ensures that residents feel not only cared for but also part of a warm and welcoming community.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for enhancing the lives of residents, Brockhampton Court stands as a testament to unique and unparalleled standards of care in senior living.

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