I CAN’T believe North Herefordshire MP Sir Bill Wiggin is suggesting increasing the speed limit on the M50 (Speed limit should be raised on M50 motorway, MPs told, January 10).

Does he not know that at least once a month there are serious car crash incidents when vehicles fail to negotiate the slip road at Junction 3 for Gorsley and Newent?

If cars were to travel even faster then the chances of further incidents would be far higher.



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ANOTHER thoughtless idea from MP Sir Bill Wiggin demonstrating his lack of concern for the environment.

To drive the full length of the M50 at 80mph instead of 70mph would save about 2.3 minutes. The fuel consumption could, according to the AA, increase by 25 per cent. I don’t know what the extra release of carbon into the atmosphere would be, but it would clearly be substantial.

Drivers should be encouraged to drive at slower speeds. It will save them money and reduce carbon release.