HAVING lived in Leominster since I was born, the streets are a disgrace and a hazard to walk on.

The money spent on those red stones in the tarmac would have gone a long way to fixing the rest of the streets and pavements. 

People don’t come into town because the parking charges put them off, and half the shops are empty or shut early. The only hotel was closed and filled with immigrants when people are homeless in the town.

The council needs to do something to encourage businesses and visitors back into the town. Younger people with new ideas need to be encouraged to join the council.

I spoke to one of the councillors about there not being anything for youngsters to do in the town. His reply was that they’ve got the leisure centre.

What are your thoughts?

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Letters should not exceed 250 words and local issues take precedence.

This may not be affordable for all and not all youngsters are sporty.

There isn’t even a cinema.

I met a lady needing to use a toilet. The ones that were open were filthy the seats covered with faeces. I will say the ones in the central car park have been revamped beautifully, even if it did take so long and they are only open part of the day.

Residents and visitors need to do their bit by putting their rubbish in the bin or taking it home with them. It’s your town – take more pride in it.