Calling all drivers! Can you pass the new dashboard signals quiz?

It's no easy thing learning to drive from the tricky theory test to swallowing your nerves to take on the practical exam.

Whether you consider yourself a bit of a motoring master or you're new to the roads, this new dashboard quiz might just be the refresher you need.

The online quiz follows research, conducted by Group 1 Automotive, which revealed a "concerning trend" about licensed drivers not knowing their standard dashboard lights.

The study, which tested 2,000 drivers from across the nation, found that the average British driver is only able to identify and explain 45% of dashboard signals.

Despite 8 in 10 people saying they were confident they knew them all before sitting the test

The international automotive retailer found that only 7% of drivers across the UK can recognise and define the meanings of all dashboard symbols.

This means that approximately 46.5 million drivers across the UK don’t completely know their dashboard signals.

The study also noted that there were "significant variations" in recognition rates based on gender, age groups, and regions.

The researchers found that the ‘emissions control light’ proved to be a consistent challenge for most drivers, with just 7% of drivers being able to explain what this means.

The signal was also the most anxiety-inducing for British drivers.

Interestingly, the data showed that older drivers (65+) tended to display better symbol recognition (56%) which the team suggests could be due to longer driving experience. 

Younger drivers (18-24) were the worst at recognising dashboard lights, with the average driver being able to explain just 31% of them.

Furthermore, when it came to gender, male drivers had a slightly higher recognition rate than female drivers (46% vs 44%).

How many dashboard signals do you know? Take the quiz

The data revealed that the average driver was able to define the meaning of less than half (47%) of the dashboard signals shown in their car, with an average score of just 15 out of 32.  

You can take the 'Dashboard Doubts' quiz for yourself, via the Group 1 Automotive website.

A spokesperson at Group 1 Automotive has commented on the study and has provided tips to get your knowledge on dashboard signals back up to speed.

He said: “The thought that over 46 million drivers in the UK don't know the meanings of all their dashboard signals can be worrying, but with some extra help, drivers can be prepared for anything that comes their way on the roads. 

“It's crucial for drivers to understand these symbols to ensure their safety on the road, as the dashboard signals are there to alert drivers to potential issues with their vehicles, and not recognising them could lead to accidents or breakdowns. 

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“We encourage drivers to take the time to familiarise themselves with these symbols and seek guidance or resources to improve their knowledge. 

“This can be something as simple as consulting the vehicle manual, or taking online courses to help with dashboard signal education.

“By doing so, drivers can enhance their confidence, and competence, on the road, making it a safer and more pleasant experience for everyone.”

If you’d like to test your knowledge on dashboard signals, Group 1 Automotive have created their own quiz for you to play, and share your results with friends and family.