STARTING school is one of the most important events in any child's life.

However, it can also be a stressful time for parents when choosing which school to pick.

The deadline to submit applications for the next academic year is today (January 15) after the online process was opened on September 11.

During 2022/23, a total of 1,655 primary school places were offered, with 1,597 (96.5 per cent) of parents getting their first choice. 


A further 39 offers (2.3 per cent) have got their second preference, while eight offers (0.5 per cent) have gone to the third choice. That gives a cumulative success rate of 99.3 per cent.

Below is 10 primary schools in Herefordshire that are currently listed as 'outstanding', as rated by Ofsted. 

St Paul's CofE Primary School, Hereford

Ofsted says it has high moral and spiritual values and beliefs underpin the school’s high achievement and pupils’ outstanding personal development. It added that children get off to a flying start in reception, with all groups of pupils making huge strides in their learning throughout the school.

St Francis Xavier's Primary School, Hereford

Ofsted say that pupils 'thrive, succeed and love being at school', which is shown in their regular attendance and exceptional attitudes to learning. It added that the flourish socially, academically and emotionally due to the excellent standard of education and nurture that they receive.

Barrs Court School, Hereford

According to Ofsted, 'Barrs Court School is a special place to be. with pupils learning from the moment they arrive in school until they leave at the end of the day'. They know that staff look after them well, with an adult available to talk to if they have any concerns.

Sutton Primary Academy

The Sutton St Nicholas School is, according to Ofsted, a very special place that pupils thoroughly enjoy attending. There is lots on offer and all pupils are fully immersed in everything that the school does. Ofsted added that leaders and staff have high expectations for all, and pupils relish living up to these.

Holmer CofE Academy, Hereford

Ofsted say that the headteacher and senior leaders provide clear, principled leadership that is appreciated by pupils, parents and carers, and staff. They are uncompromising in their commitment to provide the highest quality education for all pupils. Expectations and standards are high.

St James' CofE Primary School

Respectful, caring and supportive relationships are at the heart of the school, say Ofsted. It added that an overwhelming sense of community greets you as you arrive, with pupils being happy in school and supporting each others' needs.

Little Dewchurch CofE Primary School

Ofsted say that the exceptional enthusiasm, drive and vision of the executive headteacher, well supported by senior staff and a good governing body, has led to considerable and sustained improvement since the school’s previous inspection.

King's Caple Primary Academy

Ofsted say that, as a small school, it benefits hugely from its membership of the Marches Federation of Academies, adding that it has been a major factor in creating and maintaining the school’s outstanding achievement and behaviour of pupils, teaching, and leadership and management. 

Much Marcle CofE Primary School

According to Ofsted, the exceptional vision, enthusiasm and drive of the headteacher, well supported by staff and an outstanding governing body inspire pupils to thrive in all aspects of their personal and academic development.

Bosbury CofE Primary School

Pupils who are disabled or who have special educational needs make excellent progress, often from low starting points. Ofsted add the most able pupils are challenged effectively, which stretches their  learning and makes the most of their talents so that they make rapid progress.