I AM becoming increasingly concerned about the health and safety of Hereford Times journalists!

In almost every recent edition of the paper, one of the staff is pictured behind a huge plate of chips and burgers or sugary pudding. It can’t be good for them.

Of course, this is a facetious way of raising an important point.

What are your thoughts?

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In many parts of the world, journalism is under threat. Two Israeli journalists were among the dead in the Hamas atrocity of October 7 and at least 68 Palestinian journalists have been killed in Gaza. It is feared that the Israeli Defence Force are specifically targeting them.

Journalists play a vital function in democracy, and that is why they are targeted.

In a time of fake news and a year that will see vital elections in many parts of the world, not least in the UK, it is critical that we get our news from accredited sources, such as the staff of the Hereford Times.