QUENTIN Letts (Letters, December 14) misses the point Jonathan Roger (Letters, December 7), referring to the advisory signs on the Cardiff motorway, makes about the relationship between vehicle speed and pollution, a problem in Hereford as it is in Rome.

Continuous movement at a relatively slow speed self evidently produces less noise and emissions pollution than higher speeds punctuated by stop-start junctions.

20mph is best seen as part of a solution that, with better road design, delivers viable and safe alternatives to driving to enable more of us to make sustainable travel choices and ease congestion for those who genuinely need to drive.

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Cities of all sizes in the Netherlands, Denmark, and elsewhere have been doing this for decades based on a 30kph model with benefits for health and quality of life for everyone.

During the last administration, Herefordshire Council agreed to progress with 20mph as it did with a raft of ‘quiet routes’ schemes to support active travel for which it won external funding. I applaud that.