I write regarding the state of Caswell Road in Leominster.

If Herefordshire Council can’t be bothered to send a road sweeper into Caswell Road to collect up the sheer amount of fallen leaves from their trees, which every year get overlooked, then they should send a team of men with chainsaws around to cut them down.

What are your thoughts?

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Each year I notice the road sweeper sweeping the Enterprise Park on the industrial estate, where there is no debris to collect. Earlier this year they sent a team of three men around with a pickup truck towing a mini digger to collect a pile of fallen leaves from the road, and when I asked if they had a road sweeper they said it was too much for a road sweeper to collect.

All that is happening is the leaves get washed into the drains and there is no place for the water to go because the drains become blocked with them.