DO YOU remember this lost Herefordshire nightclub?

The 1600 club, which one stood in Aubrey Street, was one of the most popular venues in the counties during the 1960s and hosted well known-bands like UB40, The Who and the Pretenders as well as local groups such as the Ups N Downs and the Tyrants.

Whilst it had a huge impact on the local music scene, running three music nights a week, the club itself was quite small and had a maximum capacity of only one hundred people.


Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been sharing their memories of the lost but not forgotten club.

Carol Astbury said: “I loved the 1600 Club.

“Many happy memories of crazy dance styles, funny dance partners, some fabulous bands and also some hilarious ones.

“Does anyone remember the group that came in with the lead singer in a coffin? On the way out, he was back in the coffin, and they dropped it on the exit steps.

“I used to attend with friends from Hereford Girls High School- Rosemary Thomas, Susan Rees, Nina Thomas, Helen Jones, and more.

“I remember some of the guys we danced with- Frankie Griffiths, Neil, gosh, I can see the faces but not remember names.

“Some were great fun, some we fell in love with, teenage love, others would give us a lift home on their Scooters, if we were lucky.

“Happy Days.”

Stephanie Westlake was less nostalgic however, she said: “Quite a death trap though if I remember rightly?

“In a cellar with one staircase up, and was there an open fire or am I mistaken about all of that?”