A telecoms mast taller than a seven-storey building could be erected at a Herefordshire football club and festival site.

A planning application by Manchester-based Icon Tower Infrastructure (numbered 233754) proposes putting up a “shareable” 25-metre lattice tower at Bromyard Town FC’s Delahay Meadow ground to the east of the town.

It would host up to 12 antennas and four dishes, along with up to six cabinets on the ground, and would be protected by a 2.4-metre-high fence.


The tower would stand to the south of the club’s main pitch, and would also be next to the site of the Bromyard Folk Festival, held every September.

By sharing different operators’ equipment, the tower would “minimise duplicative infrastructure deployments in the future”, Icon said.

It added that it has already shared its plans with local ward councillor Pete Stoddart, Brockhampton Parish Council and local MP Sir Bill Wiggin.

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Comments on its application can be made until January 23.

The same company has also applied to put up an even taller, 30-metre-high mast on the White Hill, by the A4103 near Westhide, which is yet to be decided on.

Its earlier bid to put a 25-metre mast at Hereford Rugby Club was rejected as too visually intrusive.