THE flood warden of a Hereford street that notoriously gets flooded has said that houses are currently safe from floodwater.

Greyfriars Avenue has regularly ended up underwater when the city has been hit by bad floods, with the last occurring in January last year when the Wye rose past its 5.2 metre predicted peak.

As Storm Henk hits Herefordshire this week, Colin Taylor, the street's flood warden, said that while there is water in the avenue and in the car park, no houses have been flooded.

Flood warnings are currently in place for the Wye with it expected to peak at 5.1 metres, said Mr Taylor. Previously, it was predicted to peak at 5.3 metres, but this prediction has since been reduced.

"There is water in the avenue but it is passable and no houses are flooded," said Mr Taylor. "All of the houses are defended and pumps are ready."

He said there had been around 55 millimetres of water coming from rainfall rather than the river.


The avenue was hit particularly badly by flooding in Storm Dennis in February 2020, when the river peaked at 6.11 metres.

One resident in the avenue who is exasperated by his house repeatedly being flooded is Graham Bell. He lives beside the rowing club and has submitted a planning application for a new flood-proof home that would be raised on columns.

Fryers Gate apartment block near Greyfriars Bridge is already raised on concrete columns to avoid flood damage.