THE draconian parking charges are what’s killing Hereford.

I hardly ever go into town now for fear of getting a ticket.

Increasing them will just be the final nail in the coffin. The meters are user-unfriendly; only in the Waitrose carpark do you pay when you leave.

What are your thoughts?

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Otherwise you have to guess how many hours you’ll be, fret all the time about how much time you have left, so you end up paying for unused time, as you overestimate.

This is a desirable thing for the council of course, but the shops and restaurants suffer or close as a result. Does it get more money for parking than it loses in tax for empty shops? So, just shut the whole place down and we’ll all go elsewhere!

When the council introduced free parking for late-night shopping this month, the place hummed. There must be an acceptable compromise.