WHAT a deliciously witty and ironic letter from Mr Letts regards the quality of this current government’s ministers (Letters, December 14).

A very quick and cursory Google may have bailed out those transport ministers being grilled by the Lords on the pollution-reducing benefits of 20mph speed limits, to go alongside the other benefits such as reduced collisions and reduced severity of injury. They could have cited a recent evaluation by Imperial College which showed significant reduction in particulate pollution, for example.

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Mr Letts is so right to highlight the inadequacy of our current Conservative ministers, who don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing, have had enough of experts and facts and aren’t in the job long enough to get a grip on some pretty basic stuff.

Trained and respected journalist or not, he has demonstrated to those Westminster Bubble Metropolitan types that you can’t boss us about without rational coherent argument and you certainly can’t kid a kid from How Caple without consequences.