Thank God for the young and compassionate. I refer to the Hereford times opinion piece (December 7) by Lola Cook, a university student.

She points out the appalling language used by members of our government to describe asylum seekers looking for safety and protection in our country. They are not a swarm, an invasion; they are human beings like us, fleeing war, persecution and other horrors.

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Having been roundly told by the courts that the Rwandan scheme is illegal, our government is now trying to reinstate the scheme in some jigged-around form. How vicious can our government get.

As a one-time nine-year old lone refugee from Hitler I remain ever grateful to this country for the compassion and care I received. Like most refugees I’ve been paying back and trying to contribute to the wellbeing of our country in my working lifetime. I love my country and do not believe the government’s attitude at all represents the people of this country.

We are celebrating Christmas, the festival of love and goodwill, remember.

Maja Storey