WHILE Hereford is a hub for late-night bars and clubs the rest of the county is sorely lacking in that department, so I was very pleased when I heard that The Quarters would be opening up in Leominster.

The Quarters replaces the former Ducker pub in the town's South Street, and I went along as a paying customer on its opening night to see what it was all about.

On arrival, I was met by the bar’s security staff, who ensured that I complied with the dress code and briskly scanned me with a handheld metal detector. The staff were very cheery, and the scan was completely non-invasive, meaning I entered the establishment feeling safe and secure. I was also pleased to learn that there was no charge on the door.

When I entered, I was instantly impressed by the recently redecorated interior of the building, having last seen it when it was still the Ducker Bar pub. The Quarters’ new classy and sophisticated look paired with its modern LED lighting is visually distinct from anywhere else in town.


There were a wide range of drinks on offer at the bar. A pint of Cold River cider, which I’ve never seen on sale outside of Wales until now, cost me £4.50 which is more or less the average price of a pint outside of a Wetherspoons nowadays. I was pleased to see that the bar staff were all wearing matching burgundy-and-black uniforms, it was a small touch, but it certainly added to the atmosphere in a way which wouldn’t have been possible if they were in all black or casual clothing.

The establishment boasts a decently sized dancefloor which was well-populated by the time I arrived. The DJ was full of energy and played mostly 2000’s and early 2010’s pop and hip-hop music.

I think the Quarters is a very welcome addition to Leominster’s selection of watering holes, and certainly has something unique to offer. It boasts a distinct element of sophistication without sacrificing its party atmosphere or being in any way snobby.

I highly recommend popping in and dancing the night away if you happen to be in the area.