THE OPENING date of a new pub in Herefordshire has been revealed.

The Ducker bar in South Street, Leominster has been rebranded as ‘the Quarters’ and is set to reopen its doors on December 9 after substantial redecoration.

The pub was previously known as the Ducking Stool and the Queen’s Head.

The new name is partly in reference to the section of the building the bar inhabits, which used to be servants’ quarters, and is also a nod to the fact that there are four new people taking over the pub.


Although nothing is set in stone as of yet, it seems as if the Quarters will be a hub for entertainment, with their events calendar reportedly already beginning to fill. They are also set to offer a variety of drinks including cocktails as part of their new vision for the Leominster boozer.

Additionally, the new owners were keen to make clear that they would be taking a strict stance regarding drugs, stating on social media that anybody caught using or distributing drugs on the premises would receive an immediate and permanent ban.

Whilst many locals have mourned the loss of the Ducker bar, excitement is now growing for the watering hole’s next chapter.