COMING from Penzance, I’m nonplussed by Hereford’s events.

On Penzance’s festival day the main street is closed, market stalls set up along streets, parades, at least five stages, plus most of the pubs have events too (the day is preceded by a music festival), a car park set aside as an outside food hall. All this is free and brings in thousands of people and pounds. B and Bs are booked up months in advance.

People stay in town and spend money either side of the day itself.

What are your thoughts?

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In Hereford it’s as if the council are embarrassed by these things. Events are poorly advertised, usually relegated to Castle Green where hardly anyone sees them, come with a charge, and are badly timed.

On Sunday, November 19, Hereford switched on its Christmas lights. When we had Sunday trading hours. Just who was this meant to benefit?

They could have done this on a Friday with a choir concert from local schools, had a big Christmas market on the Saturday and the fairground and concert on the Sunday, or something like that. That would have allowed Hereford traders to benefit.