A phone mast the height of a ten-storey building could be put up on a Herefordshire hilltop.

Icon Tower Infrastructure of Staffordshire has applied for permission under so-called permitted development rights to swap an existing 15-metre-high lattice mast on the White Hill, by the A4103 near Westhide, with one twice the height.

On this would be mounted 12 antennas and four dishes along with six operator cabinets and an electrical meter cabinet.


The taller mast “is needed as the existing mast cannot support the required equipment to improve connectivity”, the firm’s application says.

“The principle of telecommunications equipment has been established at this location,” it adds.

The 173-metre-high largely wooded hill forms part of Court Farm, and is crossed by a bridleway and a public footpath.


The company says it provides infrastructure to telecoms companies “on an open and non-discriminatory basis” and has “major plans to invest in digital infrastructure in urban and rural areas”.

Its recent bid to put up a 25-metre mast beside playing fields in Hereford has just been rejected as being too intrusive.

Comments on this application, numbered 233457, can be made until December 19.