The founder of a leading animal charity has shared that she has changed her will to leave her BUM to I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Here! producers.

The change comes from PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk who is in protest over the show's treatment of animals.

Newkirk shared that she hopes to challenge the "cruel and tasteless stunts" on the ITV show that involve live and dead animals.

Changing her will, the PETA founder said that I'm a Celebrity producer will be bequeathed her 'rump' if they "'continue to use the same tired and cruel gimmick" with some challenges seeing celebrities eat animal genital. 

PETA founder leaves BUM to I'm a Celebrity crew in will change

PETA shared that Newkirk's will and testament was first written 20 years ago to ensure that her work to help animals would continue.

In June this year, she changed it to ensure her "body be used in a manner that draws attention to needless animal suffering and exploitation”.

Now, for a second time this year, Newkirk is aiming her will change at the producers of I'm a Celebrity.

Discussing the act, the PETA founder said: "The camels, kangaroos, sheep, and other animals whose body parts are served up have more dignity than the moronic producers of this vile show, who think nothing of disrespecting, exploiting, or killing animals for a lark."

Adding: "PETA is calling on the producers to stop using animals in these cruel and tasteless stunts – and if they are truly stuck for a new idea, they might consider serving up the rump of a willing human instead."

It's not the first time I'm a Celebrity has faced criticism for their use of animals, with reports that Ofcom has previously received 10,000 complaints over the ITV's show use of animals. 

Ahead of the show's start last year, PETA sent a letter to hosts Ant and Dec asking them to end the use of animals in the show and even asked them to step down.