Have you found your independence and freedom hampered by mobility issues? 

Hereford Mobility Centre have partnered with the Motablity scheme to deliver an array of high-quality mobility scooters to customers throughout Herefordshire. By exchanging some of your disability allowance for a brand-new powerchair – suited to your requirements.  

In order to be eligible for the Motability scheme, you must receive the HRMC DLA or ERMC PIP allowance and have at least 12 months of award remaining. 

Take a look at some of the advantages of the scheme, find out how it all works and how you can apply for mobility aid that gives you back your independence. 

Hereford Times: A full package with your new vehicle 

Hereford Mobility is one of the only dealers within the Herefordshire area who can provide custom-built prescriptive powerchairs. After being assessed by a team of experts, you can browse the extensive product list for a mobility scooter or powerchair. Hereford Mobility Centre’s showroom is staffed by friendly, professional dealers who have extensive experience with these products. 

The dealers will help you select the best model for your needs – usually based on the distance you need to travel, the weight you have to carry, the space you’ve got and whether you need it within your home. Everything from insurance, servicing and breakdown cover is included in the worry-free package.  

No need to fret about how to get your new vehicle back home, as Hereford Mobility Centre will organise the delivery back to your home address. The 24-hour ‘Get You Home’ recovery package means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck when you’re out and about, as qualified professionals will be on their way to assist you. 

Select from a wide range of vehicles 

There are roughly 300 products to choose from – this may seem overwhelming at first, but the dealers will help you every step of the way. Hereford Mobility Centre receives your mobility allowance for the length of the agreement, usually three years, and leases the product back to you. Prices start at as little as £12 per week, and at the end of the contract you’ll receive a £100 end of contract bonus. 

Hereford Mobility Centre handpicked their range of mobility scooters for the assured quality, reliability and longevity, as well as being able to provide modifications to suit specific requirements. The stock of small mobility scooters includes four to six mph models to eight mph, with a wide range of accessories including storage covers, scooter shelters and all-weather canopies. 

Alongside mobility scooters, Hereford Mobility Centre stock an exhaustive list of mobility aids including manual wheelchairs for the home and outdoors. Simple and light to use, these manual chairs are constructed with steel and aluminium frames to ensure durability and longevity. Transit wheelchairs can fold at your convenience, and Self Propelling wheelchairs with larger wheels at the rear. 

Hereford Times: Why join the Motability scheme at Hereford Mobility Centre? 

Over the past 25 years, the Hereford Mobility Centre has helped countless customers regain their independence. The new partnership with the Motability scheme presents an excellent opportunity for customers to revolutionise their day-to-day freedoms without facing a substantial financial impact. 

If you would like to speak to a member of the team to discuss the scheme, or find out more information about your eligibility, call 01432 233353 and a member of staff will assist you. Alternatively, you can visit the showroom in Hereford and try out some available products.