HEREFORD and Worcester Animal Rescue are trying to rehome two XL bullies despite an incoming ban on the breed.

The animal shelter have said that they are in a race against time to rehome two XL bullies, named Dior and Caesar, before the dogs become illegal to own.

Both dogs were abandoned in Herefordshire by their previous owners – Dior had been thrown from a van, while Caesar had been tied up and left.

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In appeals on social media, the animal shelter said: "Heartbreakingly, we have until December 31 to find them a home or we risk losing them. We know we are potentially running out of time but they too desperately deserve a chance.

"We will not let them go to just anyone. They will need dedicated and responsible owners who will be committed to keeping them safe for the rest of their lives.


"Any new owners must be able to take them through the exemption process to keep them safe and legal. This will require applying for an exemption certificate as soon as possible, taking out third-party liability insurance, putting a muzzle on the dogs at all times while out in public, keeping them on leads in public, and a very secure home environment to prevent escape.

"The new owners must also be experienced with similar breeds, pass our home check and vet check, and ideally own their own home. 

"After exemption, they must be able to show the exemption when asked by a police officer or a council dog warden."

Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue said it will neuter the dogs when homes are secured. Both of the dogs are already microchipped.

From February 1, 2024, it will be a criminal offence to own an XL bully dog in England and Wales without a certificate of exemption.

But rescues face an even tighter deadline to house XL bullies in their care, as from December 31, it will be against the law to sell, rehome, give away, or buy an XL bully, breed from, abandon or let the breed stray, or to have one in public without a lead and a muzzle.

This means that any XL bullies still in the care of rescues by that date cannot be rehomed and will be destroyed if the rescue is unable to keep them and apply for certificates of exemption.

The ban comes after a number of deaths and serious injuries were reported in a string of attacks involving XL bullies in recent years.