John Finch Computers (JFC) have won the 2023 Professional Services Business of the Year award, commending their outstanding service track record and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

For over 20 years, JFC have provided IT support and consultancy services to national and local businesses in the Herefordshire area. Recognised as a market leader within Herefordshire, JFC has recently undertaken a major expansion to spread their operations into Oxfordshire and beyond. 

JFC were also nominated for the Business Leader of the Year, rounding off an excellent year for the company. John Finch, founder and director of JFC, spoke to us about the hard work and dedication of his team, their commitment to the customers and future growth. 

Q: How did it feel to win the Professional Services Award?

A: An incredible honour, and I'm immensely proud of the team. We’ve had some major challenges thrown our way this year, with the growth of the company and maintaining our excellent customer satisfaction standards. Everyone in our team has been unwavering in their dedication and it was fantastic to see their hard work rewarded in such a prestigious ceremony. 

The criteria for each award covered a variety of achievements and aspects of the nominated businesses. For the Professional Services award, demonstrating a strong business model in terms of employee retention, growth capacity and strong customer engagement. Our staff across three nationwide offices have worked extremely hard all year to exemplify the qualities of this accolade. 

Hereford Times:

Q: What are the services that JFC provides for its clients?

A: We provide IT support and consultancy for a wide range of organisations including local charities, schools, start-ups and many more across Herefordshire and the UK. In the last 18 months, JFC has gone from a team of five staff to over 20 nationwide.  

Our experts undertake a bespoke, comprehensive approach to the needs of each client. From establishing a data recovery system to providing server support, we offer an expansive suite of IT support services to keep our customers operating at their best. Software development is crucial to unlocking the full potential of an organisation, and we tailor our development packages along the lines of each client’s objectives. 

Alongside our unrivalled support packages, we are passionate about helping businesses to navigate the complexities of the modern technological landscape. Large enterprises and small start-ups alike face difficulties in this sphere, and we specialise in providing training for basic computer skills all the way to advanced cybersecurity. Optimising the use of Microsoft Office applications, CAD programmes and Adobe Creative Suite within your workforce can increase their confidence and improve their productivity. 

The central core of our values is to uphold the high standards of our IT expertise and to always provide exceptional service to our customers. Growth often brings challenges, and our staff have always met them head-on with determination.  

Hereford Times:

Q: What impact does this award have for JFC’s vision of the future?

A: Winning this award has greatly strengthened our bond as a team, and justifies our customer-focused strategy. Our recent expansion into Oxford optimises the innovative spirit and extraordinary capabilities of our staff. Growing pains can become a major obstacle to balancing the workload, it's down to our brilliant team that we cemented our place as one of Herefordshire’s top IT companies. 

The aim for JFC is to be a great place for our employees to work, a trustworthy source of guidance for our clients and lead the way for Herefordshire companies.  

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