A MAN has become known for attracting huge flocks of birds in Hereford city centre, and has been dubbed "pigeon man".

David Eaton Edwards, who is homeless and disabled, can be spotted in High Town on a daily basis.

The flock often perch on his mobility scooter and suddenly take flight, circling overhead and then landing on him again. 

This footage, filmed by Luke Greatwich and posted on the Hereford Times Camera Club, shows Mr Edwards surrounded by birds near Marks and Spencer. It was captioned: "The legend."

Mr Edwards said: "I now attract a number of pigeons every day and am often covered with over 40 of the little fellas. Lots of members of the public take shots on their mobile phones. When something spooks them and they all fly off, it's a sight to see them all circling overhead and then swooping back down and landing on me en masse. 

"I feed them every day. I can be there any time. Some people just don't have any respect. These fellas were used by Caesar, let alone in the Great War and Second World War.

"These are not vermin because they pose no threat to crops or other animals. Also, except for the occasional outbreak as always happens, even in humans, they do not carry disease. The reason they have such bad press is because the poop is acidic, but I bought a £50 set of waterproofs and I wash in Sainsbury's disabled toilets every day."


Mr Edwards explained that he is currently homeless. 

He is in temporary accommodation which he said was not suitable for his needs.

He said: "I'm not from Hereford and I have no family or friends in the area so I'm a bit up the creek without a paddle, as it were."