I AM somewhat dismayed by David Parry’s letter “Why Elgar” (Letters, October 26).

Mr Parry is correct when he says that Elgar only lived in Hereford for a short period.

However, whilst living in Hampton Park Road between 1904 and 1912, he composed a great deal of important music, as well as a number of smaller scale works.


I say this makes him a significant figure in the history of the city. He goes on to suggest that Alfred Watkins is more deserving of a statue, and indeed there is a strong case for such a monument. However, to suggest that Elgar’s statue should be torn down and and replaced with one of Watkins is absurd.

Many would agree that Watkins is worthy of commemoration in Hereford, but surely the city is not so crowded that there is too little room for both Elgar and Watkins.


Worcester, chairman of the Elgar Society