LET us take a closer look at what is required for the Shirehall to become fit for purpose, let alone transform it into a fully accessible library.

I use the word transform guardedly, especially when one considers the costs involved.

I understand that estimates to make it safe are about £7 million.

While this may solve the damp issues, I don’t know if that takes into consideration wheelchair accessibility etc.

What are your thoughts?

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Currently there is small elevator and a narrow staircase from what could become the learning centre to the upper floor, however that is the least of the worries, as all entrances into the main building have steps, and once inside there are more steps into the hall.

Finally, there is the architecture, which would no doubt be another challenge.

I not only have to question the thinking behind what I believe is nothing but one-upmanship created by runaway egos, but also how, in these days of fiscal restraint, this crew intends to sell this to residents already struggling to put food on the table.


Holme Lacy