A move to sell alcohol from a former kebab shop into in Hereford until 2am will worsen late-night anti-social behaviour in the area, it has been claimed.

Ako Rasoul is seeking the late licence for Skyblue Liquor of 60 Commercial Road in the city, previously the Antalya Kebab House.

An objection submitted by a local resident and business, their name redacted, claims that in the area, “there is already regular fighting, loud abusive shouting and swearing, people sitting and lying on the pavements and other anti-social behaviour”.


According to the objector, “Pubs have a policy, and their staff are trained, not to serve minors and people they consider to be drunk, however shops have no such policy or instruction and will serve any customer.”

They called for the shop’s opening hours to be made the same as other licenced premises in the road, and for a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to be brought in to prevent people gathering to consume alcohol.

Hereford city councillors also felt the proposed opening hours were “likely to exacerbate existing issues” in the area which had previously been a Cumulative Impact Zone, a designation intended to limit licensable activities.


Councillors said they “would not object to the licensing time being brought forward to midnight”.

A letter from the city council clerk adds: “We have to try and reassert some sort of decent ambience for users of the streets in this area and for those living in this part of the city.

“Each new licence or extension incrementally increases the harm being done.”

Given the objections, the licence application will be decided by councillors on Herefordshire’s licensing subcommittee in a week’s time (November 13).

No objections from police or environmental health officers have been submitted.