Second-hand cars are often the easiest way for someone to get ahold of their first vehicle, and people might potentially be sitting on a decent earner.

Some cars may have a hidden value that could see them valued at around £2,000 or more, depending on the make.

Depending on what care you have you could be set to make a nice amount of cash if you were to look to sell it on.

Analysis from Auto Trader has looked at the price of second-hand cars with a 2004/05 registration plate in the UK since 2019, with some showing surprising price rises.

Hereford Times: Some second-hand cars have seen their valuations rise above £2,000Some second-hand cars have seen their valuations rise above £2,000 (Image: PA)

UK's top 8 most expensive second-hand cars

The research from Auto Trader, as reported by The Sun, shows the Vauxhall Corsa has gone up the most in value since 2019, at a staggering 93% on average.

Overall, the most expensive second-hand cars in the UK in that time period are as follows:

1. Vauxhall Corsa (£1,136 to £2,197, up 93%)

2. Vauxhall Astra (£1,069 to £1,998, up 87%)

3. Renault Megane (£1,043 to £1,882, up 80%)

4. Ford Focus (£1,066 to £1,863, up 75%)

5. Peugeot 307 (£979 to £1,678, up 71%)

6. Ford Mondeo (£1,544 to £2,298, up 49%)

7. Ford Fiesta (£1,171 to £1,707, up 46%)

8. VW Golf (£1,766 to £2,434, up 38%)

It indicates that certain Ford and Vauxhall models have shown the greatest increase in price and could make you a decent bit of cash in the process if you sell them.

Other popular models such as the VW Golf will get you on average about £2,000.

Erin Baker, of Auto Trader, said: “Some nostalgia trends just leave you asking why? But there’s nothing confusing about the appeal of 00s cars.

"They’re simple, reliable and remind working Brits of when they fell in love with driving.

"While you might not think your car is old enough to be a classic, it may hold a hidden value - so don’t view it as another junk item - save that disdain for your oversized circular belts and bootcut jeans.”