A DRIVER caught towing a dangerous unsecured load has been fined by magistrates.

William Davies entered a guilty plea to one count of using a motor vehicle or trailer that posed a danger of injury due to the weight, position, distribution, or security of its load on a road to magistrates in Worcester in October.

The court heard that the 65-year-old had been caught towing a trailer on the A49 at Leominster on April 6.


But, magistrates were told, the load being carried in the trailer was not secured despite the trailer having ratchet stops for securing loads.

The load was heavy and would cause a danger to other road users if it was to fall off the trailer, the court heard.

Davies, of Leysters, Leominster, was fined £293 and received three penalty points for the offence, with magistrates saying that they had taken his guilty plea into account when imposing the penalty.

He was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £90 and a £117 victim surcharge.