Do you remember this lost Hereford pub?

The Market Tavern was open through much of the 20th century and took pride of place next to the cattle market where the Old Market shopping complex now stands.

The pub was well-known for its long opening hours on market days, often filling up with farmers and marketgoers who had come into the city to trade.

Members of the We Grew Up in Herefordshire group have been reminiscing and sharing their memories of the long-lost watering hole.


Lots of locals look back fondly on the time they spent with the farmers who stopped by the pub after the cattle market on Wednesdays.

Deidre Lloyd said: “I remember those days, especially on a Wednesday when the farmers were there, had some good laughs.”

“Wednesday afternoons playing cards with the farmers, great times and great music,” said Del Durham.

The Market Tavern is also the setting of many childhood memories for people living in the area.

Nora Williams said: “Dad's favourite pub.

“I remember in the ‘50s sitting outside with my brother and sister while mum and dad had their Sunday drink.”

Andrew Hill chimed in, he said: “My cousin Ian Perkins and I used to spend our school lunchtimes playing pool in the Market Tavern.”

William Elliot was less nostalgic, however, he said: “God awful pub.

“Atmosphere of a latrine.

“The only good point, was open all day on market day.”