A CASH machine in Herefordshire has been removed.

The ATM at the former Barclays Bank in Corn Street, Leominster has been taken away as part of the branch’s decommissioning after closing on September 1.

The external signage, branding, letter box and CCTV camera have also been removed.


Members of the Leominster Town Council planning and highways committee said they had ‘no objection in principle but the committee are disappointed to lose another ATM from the town.’

In explaining its decision to close the branch, Barclays said that it saw a significant number of customers choosing to use its app or online and telephone banking services rather than doing their banking at the physical location.

It said that 86 per cent of people who used the branch also banked using the app, online or by phone in 2021. According to them, only 10 customers used the bank regularly as the only way to do their banking and 35 per cent of the branch's customers had used nearby branches in the last 12 months before closing.