A family-run solar panel installation company situated in the heart of rural Herefordshire, Tipsgrove Eco has now become a lifeline for those looking to tackle escalating energy costs. With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, which has led to a relentless surge in bills, Tipsgrove Eco offer practical solutions to save you money.

Having been in the renewable energy solutions business across Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the surrounding area since 2009, Tipsgrove Eco are a knowledgeable and reliable provider that has installed over 1,000 systems and is both MCS and RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) accredited.

Their primary expertise lies in solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, which absorb sunlight and produce electricity using photovoltaic cells. By directly converting the sun’s rays into energy, the solar PV modules are designed to help you cut your energy bills in half and add value to your property.

When installing solar panels, you should ensure that the technology and the installation company are MCS accredited. There are a number of important reasons why.

Mark of product quality:
MCS accredited technology has been tested to ensure it meets the necessary quality and safety standards. Installing MCS-certified solar panels will be more efficient, reliable, and safer than those without certification from MCS.

Proof of competence:
If the installation company is MCS accredited you can be confident that they are competent to install the technology safely. A solar MCS certificate also makes sure that the company installs a system that achieves the highest levels of energy efficiency and performance.

Consumer protection:
MCS installers offer consumer protection which will protect you in the event that:

  • You've been given misleading information about the scheme or the renewable technology
  • The generation system is underperforming
  • Information in the contract and the actual service provided don't match up

If you have a complaint regarding an MCS installer or product, MCS is committed to resolving it fairly and impartially

Peace of mind:
MCS certification is a guarantee that the solar installer and solar panels meet the highest standards. This will allow you to get the most from your solar system for many years to come.

Financial incentive schemes availability:
Only solar systems installed to the highest standards are eligible for financial schemes. This means having MCS certified solar panels installed by an MCS accredited installer.

Schemes such as the Smart Export Guarantee (solar PV) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (solar thermal) can help you to earn a quicker return on your investment in solar.

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In addition to solar panels, Tipsgrove Eco specialise in Heat Pumps, such as Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps. At a time where every penny counts, these eco-friendly heating solutions provide significant savings both for your pocket and the planet; helping you cut down on your CO2 emissions by powering your home with a renewable energy source.

Tipsgrove Eco are truly dedicated to helping you reduce your energy costs and thanks to the recent 50% increase in the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, people can get £7,500 instead of £5000 to install a heat pump. John Fry, managing director at Tipsgrove Eco told us: “We apply to the scheme for the customer, with their permission of course, so they don’t need to worry about the extra -leg work to save money. We also deal with applying to put the solar panels or heat pump onto the grid, so all of the paperwork is handled by the company, making saving money a very easy process for the client.”

Renewable energy storage solutions are another feather in Tipsgrove Eco’s cap; they provide and install battery systems which allow you to store energy generated by your solar panels, to use when it is most cost effective. John said: “If you get a night rate on your electricity (where it costs less to run electricity at night than during the day) we can set up the system so that the batteries store the electricity at night and then run the house during the day before recharging. That can cut your electricity bill by half or more.”

To see all of this and more in action, John suggests visiting their showroom in Herefordshire, where specialists are on hand to help you explore their products, offer expert advice and discuss how you can reduce your energy bills. Tipsgrove Eco are proud to offer free, no obligation, consultations which give you the opportunity to make informed decisions around the suitability of renewable energy solutions for your home.

If you can’t make it to the showroom, call Tipsgrove Eco on 01531 671237, send an email: sales@tipsgrove.com or visit their website to find out more: www.tipsgrove.co.uk 

Don’t miss out on savings; start your journey to cheaper, cleaner energy with Tipsgrove Eco today.

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