ASYLUM seekers are returning to the Talbot Hotel in Leominster.

The hotel’s occupants were forced to leave earlier this month amid structural safety concerns, but on October 25 the Talbot’s doors were reopened for people awaiting the outcome of their asylum applications.

According to Kathy Bland of Refugee Response Leominster and Beyond, two of the families who were originally housed in the hotel are coming back today (October 26), with more set to return soon.

Campaigners have been keen for the families to be given the opportunity to return as it was felt that they had become integrated into the local community. During their time in the hotel, the asylum seekers had been taking part in projects such as Leominster in Bloom and the repair café, as well as being enrolled with local schools and doctors.


Whilst many of the former occupants have requested to go back to Leominster, some have chosen to remain in their new accommodation. Mrs Bland said that one family preferred their new location as it was near a gurdwara, but they expressed their thanks for the help and support they had received whilst in the county.

The hotel will be used as contingency accommodation for the returning families and newcomers until the end of February next year.

A Herefordshire council spokesperson said: “The council will continue to work closely with Serco, local partners and the community and voluntary sector to ensure appropriate help and wellbeing support is in place for those coming to the county and to respond to any matters raised by businesses and residents.”