A HEREFORDSHIRE road by a primary school will undergo a review process to decide if the speed limit should change to 20 miles per hour, after fears that children are "in grave danger".

Gorsley Goffs Primary School staff and parents, as well as other local people, have said that the 40mph speed limit along the school's road is too high, and that many vehicles have been seen speeding.

Ellie Clark, a parent of two children at the school, recently started a campaign called Gear Down Gorsley, calling for the limit to be reduced to 20mph. She previously told the Hereford Times: "I'm scared it will be one of my kids that ends up in front of a lorry. There have been several near misses of children and adults and several crashes off the M50 recently."

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Now, Herefordshire Council have promised to review the speed limit on the road. A spokesperson said: "The council has been progressing a policy to manage and introduce 20mph limits where possible in multiple locations across the county. A review and recommendations will enable an informed decision as to how to progress."

Hereford Times:

A West Mercia Police spokesperson said: "Most of the road coming from the M50 lies within Gloucestershire Police.

"If the area of concern lies within Herefordshire then concerns need to first be raised with the relevant parish council. If there is a collective concern in a particular area the parish council can then raise this with ourselves and speed data will be collected. If there is an identified speeding issue then a number of actions can then be looked at."


After Ms Clark launched the campaign, the Hereford Times received contact from over 30 people supporting the cause and calling for change. Among these were Rachel Cran-Combie who said that vehicles sticking to the speed limit are “terrifying” and called for the limit to be reduced, and Amy Teague who told us: “We walk to school every day and the traffic on that road goes so fast. I have also witnessed traffic jumping the red lights when I was about to cross the road with my children.”

The school's headteacher, Mr Simon Manning, said: "At Gorsley Goffs Primary School the safety of our students is of importance to us. We have been increasingly worried about excessive speeding that has become commonplace surrounding our school premises. The speed limit signs seem to be ignored which has led to several near-miss instances. Pedestrians, especially children, are in grave danger.

"The high-speed traffic creates a hazardous environment as they walk on the pavements and cross the road to access the school. This poses a constant threat to their safety, despite a pedestrian crossing being in place."