DO you remember this Herefordshire police officer from days gone by?

Jim Whent MBE was a well-respected copper who used to patrol the beat in and around Hunderton during the mid-20th century.

The image of him riding on his bicycle in uniform is still clear in the minds of many locals, who remember him as being fair, community-minded and a keen Hereford United supporter.


After leaving the force he went on to become the caretaker of Hunderton School for many years.

Members of We Grew Up in Herefordshire have been reminiscing and sharing their memories about Mr Whent.

Norman Preece said: “He locked me up in Hinton nick several times, but when he retired you should have seen all of us there to say thank you for everything he did.

“Back then most of the time was a clip around your ear from him.”

He added that locals had “immense respect and dare I say love as well, he was a good community officer

“Knew his beat, knew the kids and the kids’ parents as well.”

Neil Whent chimed in, saying: “Yes, I too had many a clip around the ear from Jim Whent MBE but then again I am his youngest son.

“He was deeply involed in the community; Hunderton Youth Club , Sea Cadets, Youth Cycling Proficiency, Dardy and Joan Club, Bingo caller for the old folk gatherings, First Aid, Royal Navy Association, Burma Star Association, to name but a few. Hence why he was awarded the MBE.”

There seemed to be a lot of nostalgia about local coppers from back in the day, with the names of Roy Short and Jack ‘Docker’ Main also being mentioned.

Carol Robertshaw said: “Do we all not remember all those local bobbies.

“As kids we were terrified seeing them walk down the road, and they were just so sensible and understanding.

“Dare I say remember getting a lift home with one of the car guys when I was too drunk to walk, I add I never forgot it.

“He even popped into my Mum and Dads the next day to make sure I was okay. Assure you I did not do it a second time.

“But that is what the local bobbies did, they looked after us.”