IS JARROD Bowen the greatest footballer to come from Herefordshire?

The Leominster player, who started his career with Hereford United, has gone on to play for England - starring at the 2022 Nations League and against Australia in a friendly earlier this month.

Currently, he occupies a place as one of the nation’s top sporting stars, with no signs of slowing down, but he is not the only famous footballer to hail from Herefordshire.


Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been discussing the great sports stars of days gone by, questioning whether any of them would be a match for, or perhaps even surpass, Bowen.

Paul Howells said: “Hard to call it between Bowen, Chris Price or Kevin Sheedy.

“I guess Sheedy would be top because of the trophies and caps he won, but Chris Price showed at Villa and Blackburn that he would have had a great career at the top level if he had left us when he was younger.”

Indeed, many locals seemed to agree that both Price and Sheedy were of the same calibre as Bowen back in their day.

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Sheedy especially was something of a sporting hero in his time, starting off with Hereford Lads Club as a boy before eventually playing internationally for the Republic of Ireland, becoming the first-ever player from the team to score a goal in the World Cup finals.

Kiegan Vallely said: “When I was a naughty boy at St Mary's RC High School and made to stand outside the headmaster’s office, I would ogle at the ex-pupil Kevin Sheedy photo for inspiration.

“I ended up being the captain of University of Glamorgan football team. Thanks for the inspiration Kevin Sheedy.

“I sense the best is yet to come from Jarrod who's also a class act.”