SIR Bill Wiggin’s opinion piece (HT, October 5) was entitled ‘Sense at last on net zero’. More accurately, shouldn’t it have been ‘ zero?

It would not be difficult for people to change their petrol or diesel-burning vehicles if the Government had set up an adequate scrappage grant scheme. The state of 'infrastructure in its infancy’ could have been prevented by decent forward planning and funding by the Government.

Instead, money is being spent on subsidising oil producers and other polluting businesses.

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Our MP makes similar claims about heat pumps. He asserts that they are ‘untried technology’. So why is the Government encouraging their installation?

Living in a rural area I need a car, although I use it as seldom as possible. But why do we need cars? Because rural bus services are scarcer by the year, or non-existent, and local councils cannot afford to subsidise them.

Our MP should read the many pronouncements of the UN and many highly qualified respected scientists and wake up to the consequences of the Tories’ delaying strategies on decarbonising.