I AM announcing that the Organ household is declaring a climate emergency.

We have told the grandchildren that we have set a target to be carbon neutral by 2050. In the meantime we have set in place a number of policies to reduce our carbon footprint.

We understand that pets cause as much carbon output as a 4x4, so we have taken the hamster to the vet and it is now carbon neutral.

I have reduced the use of the washing machine by only changing my clothes once a month, but unfortunately my wife has refused to join me.


Hypermiling is the order of the day and I am pleased to say that when I look in the rear view mirror there are many motorists joining me.

I hope they appreciate the carbon reduction and the improvement in the cost of motoring during this time of a cost of living crisis.

All in all we are doing our bit, although the grandchildren have asked if we might not consider going carbon neutral a bit earlier so they can put a deposit on a 4x4.


Sutton St Nicholas