A planned new solar farm covering over 50 hectares of Herefordshire farmland has taken a step closer following intervention of the Government.

The scheme for two parcels of land at Sinton’s End Farm near Acton Beauchamp, south of Bromyard, would generate around 20MW of power when installed. The panels would be up to 3 metres in height, and the site secured by a deer-proof fence around 2.4m high.

Sheep would continue to graze around the panels during their 40-year expected operation, and some screening planting would be introduced.


The backers of the scheme, Sintons End Solar Farm Ltd, was told by Herefordshire Council at the start of this year they would have to carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) before its plan could go ahead, given its likely visual, heritage and ecological impact.

But now a letter to the developer’s agent on behalf of Michael Gove MP, secretary for levelling up, housing and communities, says that no such requirement should be made on the proposal.

It “is not considered to use significant levels of natural resources or produce waste, cause pollution and nuisance to the extent this would be significant”, the letter explains.

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“While there will be adverse visual impact for certain residences and from certain viewpoints and routes, [the Secretary of State] does not consider there are likely significant impacts as a result of the proposal through visual impact and on surrounding the landscape or character that would warrant EIA,” it concludes.

National planning policy now encourages councils to promote renewable energy developments, particularly on lower-grade farmland.