DO you remember the Pippin bar in Hereford?

The bar occupied the cellar underneath the Bulmers Vaults in Widemarsh Street and was incredibly popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

The Pippin was a hit with workers and students and was the centre of many social events including a popular folk club.

It was also said to be haunted, with reports of a ghostly woman in white who would appear on the steps.

Members of the We Grew Up in Herefordshire group have been reminiscing and sharing their memories of the long-lost watering hole.

Many remember having their first-ever drink in the Pippin, Wayne Durban had his first cider, a 50p pint of the now-discontinued GL, after a Cardiff match.


Plenty of stories of youthful mischief were shared, Pat Dyer said: “Pippin was the first and last pub I got kicked out of, for ordering half a pint of cider when I was 16.

“The barman was a mate from college, he served me then reported me. Some mate.”

The various landlords and ladies are also well remembered. Colin Farr, who frequented the pub in the early to mid-1970s said that “Don, the landlord, was a top man.” 

Angie Hollingworth also has fond memories of working there when Bob Creighton was in charge.

Patricia Orton said: “We could buy half a pint of real scrumpy for 8d, about 3p in new money, and get falling down drunk before you, well me anyway, finished the second half. 

“I only did that once, followed by never again, never again, never again.”