THE very best in Herefordshire's health and social care sector was recognised in a glitzy awards ceremony last night (October 12).

From mental health to palliative or end of life care, all sectors of the industry were showcased at the Hereford Times Health & Social Care Awards 2023.

Hereford Times:

Held in partnership with the University of Worcester and Altogether Care, the evening was a chance to reward the incredible efforts of so many people who assist those in need of help to manage their health and care needs. 

Picking up the first prize of the night, the Mental Health Award, was the Hereford Men's Mental Health Group, who provides a lifeline for individuals at risk of, suffering from or recovering from mental illness. 


It was a fantastic night for the group as it also picked up the final award, the Outstanding Contribution to Health & Social Care in Herefordshire.

-"We are incredibly humbled as the competition gets harder each year," said Euan McPherson.

"We are about getting people talking about mental health and preventing the numerous loss of lives to it, especially among men."

The awards were presented by Rob Stokes, who has been a journalist for 40 years, working in newspapers and on radio. Guest speaker was Jane Ives, managing director at Wye Valley NHS Trust.

Hereford Times Health & Social Care Award winners

The Mental Health Award (sponsored by Broomy Hill Nursing Home)

  • Winner: Hereford Men's Mental Health Group.
  • Also nominated: Chloe Howells (Services for Independent Living); The John Sperry Memorial Unit (Lynhales Hall Nursing Home)

The Health Care Employer Award (sponsored by Altogether Care)

  • Winner: Services for Independent Living
  • Also nominated: Katherine Harriet Bespoke Care Home; Kemble at Home

GP Practice of the Year (sponsored by Bayley Brothers)

  • Winner: Cantilupe & Hampton Dene Surgeries
  • Also nominated: Wargrave House Surgery; Weobley & Staunton on Wye Surgeries

Adolescent & Child Health Care Award (sponsored by The Ely Memorial Fund)

Winner: Hilary Havard (Wye Valley NHS Trust)

The Health Care Team Award (sponsored by Wye Valley NHS Trust)

  • Winner: Lyndale Residential Home
  • Also nominated: Holmer Court Residential Home; Katherine Harriet Bespoke Home Care

The Care Trainer Award (sponsored by HomeCare Boutique)

  • Winner: Maddy Phillips (Riverside Training)
  • Also nominated: Mary Eyles (Lynhales Hall Nursing Home): Jason Walker (Kemble at Home)

The Care Home Worker Award (sponsored by TPG DisableAids Ltd)

  • Winner: Richard Jones (Holmer Court Residential Home)
  • Also nominated: Evelyn Jones (Holmer Court Residential Home); Lori Murariu (Hampton Grange Nursing Home)

Domiciliary Care Worker Award (sponsored by Rotherwood Healthcare)

  • Winner: Cornel Watson (Joghide Home Care)
  • Also nominated: Stacy Harrison (Altogether Care); Tiffany Mills (Altogether Care)

The Dementia Care Award (sponsored by Holmer Court Care Home)

  • Winner: Rebecca Webber James (Holmer Court Residential Home)
  • Also nominated: Elizabeth (Liz) Jones (Katherine Harriet Bespoke Home Care); Shobha Karthikayan (Lynhales Hall Nursing Home)

The Palliative or End of Life Care Award (sponsored by Herefordshire General Practice Taurus Healthcare)

  • Winner: St Michael's Hospice at Home Hub
  • Also nominated: Elgar Care Ltd; Specialist Palliative Care Home, Wye Valley NHS Trust

The Good Nurse Award (sponsored by The Wye Clinic Hereford)

  • Winner: Rhodora (Dora) Cunanan (Kington Court Nursing Home)
  • Also nominated: Oana Gidofalvi (Hampton Grange & Gwen Walford Nursing Homes); Hereford Women's Health Ward, Hereford County Hospital

The Care Hero Award (sponsored by Herefordshire Cares)

  • Winner: Helen Gordon (Altogether Care)
  • Also nominated: Nick Day (Services for Independent Living); Mary Eyles (Lynhales Hall Nursing Home)

The Outstanding Contribution to Health & Social Care in Herefordshire Award (sponsored by The University of Worcester)

  • Winner: Hereford Men's Mental Health Group