A HEREFORDSHIRE security business is just one of the many businesses owed money by collapsed retail chain Wilko.

Documents recently released by Wilko’s administrators reveal the budget retail chain owes £157,261,588 to its creditors. 

Administrators were called in early in August after the chain, which employed 12,500 staff and ran 400 shops across Britain, came under pressure.

Administrators at PwC were forced to sell off Wilko’s assets after failing to secure a rescue deal. 


PwC also struck a deal for fellow discount chain B&M to buy 51 other Wilko stores, while The Range agreed a deal to buy Wilko’s brand for around £5 million.

Hereford's Maylord shopping centre-based Wilko closed its doors permanently in September, after the shelves were stripped bare in closing-down sales.

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Among the hundreds of creditors Wilko owes money to are two in Herefordshire. 

The documents, published on Companies House, reveal that Wilko owes money to Herefordshire Council and Hereford Retail Security.

It owes the security company, which is based in Preston-on-Wye, £190, while Herefordshire Council is owed £150.

However, the charges owed in Herefordshire are tiny compared to some of those listed on the documents. 

Some companies are owed millions of pounds, such as Drax Energy Solutions Limited, which Wilko is listed as owing £2.8 million, TS (UK) Ltd, which is owed for than £4 million, and Procter & Gamble UK Ltd, which is owed more than £8.8 million.