HEREFORDSHIRE farmers have been accused of driving on rural county roads without lights on their trailers.

Several drivers have said that they are worried about the hazards associated with this and highlighted the A49 and surrounding lanes as areas of concern.

Amy Morris took to Facebook to highlight her fears about tractors lacking side lights in the Wormelow area. She wrote: "I'm not one for venting but I've just driven home tonight through Wormelow and we still have tractors towing trailers with no side lights on the road."

Aidan Cook commented on Ms Morris' post, writing: “I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that trailers are adequately lit up at night. They can do it so that they and other road users are safe.”

Louise Edwards, another concerned driver, told the Hereford Times: “I used to live on a farm in Herefordshire and would often come up behind tractors up and down our lane at night. Our local farmers would plod along slowly with lights on, but some contractors would drive at speed with no lights. It’s irresponsible - some of them want a quick getaway rather than stopping to plug in their lights.

“It can be difficult to stop suddenly if on a winding country lane, so it would help with visibility and road safety if every trailer had lights.

“Everything else has to have lights to be allowed on the road or else they fail their MOT, so why should tractors’ trailers be an exception?”

Sharon Hodges said: "You'd hope common sense and responsibility would prevail. Reflectors are very cheap and could save a life. I recently refurbished my own little trailer and added side reflectors midway."

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Elizabeth Chinn, whose farming family have worked in Herefordshire since 1925, said: “You do need trailer lights. Whenever we drive on the road, we always make sure they are on and working.”


The National Farmers' Union has guidance on what the law says about lighting requirements for tractors and trailers. It says: "Trailers need to have red rear lights. They should also have two red rear reflectors and a number plate light.

"It is strongly recommended to have brake lights and indicators fitted to the trailer and have them working.

"The trailer should have front position lights fitted if the trailer is more than 1.6 metres wide or is less than 2.3 metres in length and first used before October 1, 1985.

"If the trailer is more than five metres long you should have side reflectors every three metres."