A HELICOPTER has been spotted flying low over a Herefordshire town this morning.

Flight radar said that the helicopter was flying over Ross-on-Wye, and as of 11.30am on Friday, October 6, was circling the Tudorville area of the town.

It took off just before 9.45am near Sellack, and has been flying over Ross-on-Wye and surrounding villages like Bridstow and Peterstow since then.

The National Grid owns and operates a fleet of electricity helicopters.

These helicopters are used primarily within the electricity distribution industry for the maintenance and repair of networks and also during emergency and fault conditions.


The National Grid said that its helicopter crews do a vital job spotting potential network issues from the sky.

A spokesperson for the National Grid said: "During a five-hour fly the helicopters can cover between 60 and 100 kilometres of line.

"To put that in context, if we did that on the ground it would take two men and a Land Rover 10 days to complete that inspection."