THE Home Office was warned about problems with the Talbot Hotel before asylum seekers were housed in it, North Herefordshire MP Sir Bill Wiggin has said.

Locals have shared their outrage after the families who had been housed in the Leominster hotel were removed 'without warning' on Monday night (October 2) amid claims of structural problems with the building.

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Speaking on Wednesday, Sir Bill said the most important thing is that no one staying at the hotel, which is grade II listed, has been hurt.

"I do feel a sense of outrage though because local people in Leominster had identified the obvious problems with the buildings," Sir Bill said.


"I have spoken to Home Office Ministers today and they confirmed that I warned them about this building.

"It should have been obvious to the accommodation provider Serco that the building was not appropriate for habitation.

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"Now it is Serco that should pick up the bill, and not the taxpayer.

"Ultimately this is a function of our asylum system being completely overloaded.

"It is vital that we hunt down, prosecute and imprison the people smugglers who are willing to put innocent lives at stake.

"However the success of the Prime Minister’s returns deal with Albania shows that we are making progress and cutting the need for hotels like the one in Leominster.

"Ultimately I have always had serious concerns and hope that we will not need to reopen the Talbot Hotel again for asylum seekers."