FOR many locals it’s strange to think that Hereford has been without its city centre cattle market for over 10 years, with the modern Old Market shopping centre now standing in its place.

June 15, 2011 was the last working day for the original cattle market, a show and sale and the familiar auction of ewes, pigs and cattle all took place before business moved to the the rits current Roman Road site, near Stretton Sugwas.

The new location for the market promised extra space, less congestion and the sounds that have reverberated around Hereford for decades.


Work then soon began on developing the £80 million Old Market retail complex, which was set to bring a modern shopping experience to the city whilst creating over 1,000 jobs.

There was much excitement when the Old Market opened in 2014, however many of the original tenants such as Chimichangas and the ‘anchor tenant’ Debenhams have since closed their shops in the complex.

Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been sharing their memories and thoughts about the markets past and present.

Rona Morris said: “Should never have got rid of the cattle market, brought many people to Hereford.

“It was a family day out for a lot of people.

“I have happy memories going there on Wednesday or Saturday with my family, seeing the animals, looking around the stalls.

“Mum would get the fruit and veg then we would go to the café if she had enough money left over, yes, happy memories.”

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Some are less nostalgic, however. Andrew Bowley said: “People forget about the traffic jams down Edgar Street and Newmarket Street.

“It also had a very small capacity to sell livestock, unlike the new cattle market that sells nearly three times more livestock than the old market ever did.”

Sue Burrows Simpson added: “I also remember people complaining about the traffic and smell from the cattle market on a Wednesday.”

Enid Callachor said: “I can remember when cattle and sheep were herded down Whitecross Road to the market on market Days.

“Not easy to avoid when you were walking to school and I am still scared of cows.”