IN response to David Fowler’s September 14 Talking Point about the 20 miles per hour limit in Wales, the problem as I see it is that the new limit is a blanket one, with few exceptions.

Few will quibble about a 20mph limit in busy high streets, and dense housing estates. But wide arterial roads? That is really absurd and unnecessary.

If such limits were introduced in Hereford, it would mean 20mph on Belmont Road and the A49. And that is entirely unnecessary because the roads are wide and visibility is excellent. Any driver who hits a pedestrian on that type of road at 30mph is probably unfit to be driving at all! They should have their licence taken away until they have been re-trained and passed another test. 

What are your thoughts?

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A far better solution to road accidents would be the mandatory fitting of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, though this is a solution to be applied at national level, not locally. It can detect the presence of a person who will collide with the car if no action is taken.

It can automatically apply the brakes, and will reduce accidents where a 20mph limit totally fails. It works on all roads, from winding twisty lanes to multilane motorways. We have some very nasty accidents on our motorways. And then it will equally work where the driver is tired, or has consumed too much alcohol or drugs, or is doing that “boy racer” thing. A 20mph limit offers nothing in these instances.

A compromise would be to have the 20mph limit everywhere but exempt all cars with ADAS fitted. I think that would expedite a voluntary take up of the technology PDQ!