I AM concerned about the possibility of a re-trial of Lucy Letby for those charges which the jury did not return verdicts.

Could she receive a fair trial? She has been called a liar and a psychopath and is already jailed for life, so how could a jury remove any preconceptions as to her character from any deliberation?

Would a re-trial affect the start or course of the forthcoming statutory inquiry? This will be important in understanding how these lives ended and the system in which this took place, and therefore moves the public interest aspect away from her to a wider review. An inquiry into five deaths at the Belfast Children’s Hospital took years to publish due to stoppages for other investigations to conclude.

What are your thoughts?

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I have read the evidence for Baby K and formed the layman’s opinion that there could be factors involved other than the possible actions of one person.

There are other aspects, such as arrangements for night medical cover which I think were potentially adding to risk factors.

I have written to the chief prosecutor for Mersey and Cheshire, with more detailed observations.