IF THE council planning department grants permission for Border Oak’s proposed development in Kingsland we might as well rip up the rule book (Plan for new ‘traditional’ homes, September 7).

The development is outside the village settlement boundary and in open countryside. It is therefore against Herefordshire Council’s own planning policy and is contrary to Kingsland’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The land was not earmarked for development. Kingsland has already exceeded its new homes target that expires in 2031.

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To quote from Herefordshire Council’s own senior landscape officer: “The development gives rise to adverse effects on the character and appearance of the rural countryside, encroaches on open countryside, is located on grade two agricultural land, detracts from rural tranquillity and impacts the experience of dark night skies”

Herefordshire Council’s own ecology report objects to the development due to the impact on phosphate levels in the Lugg.

This application is also in conflict with national planning policy “that planning decisions should recognise the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside”